As summer rolls around, and you begin traveling to theme parks and family destinations across Southern California, keep these private policies regarding off-duty and retired police officers in mind before you decide to bring your gun along. This information was confirmed by speaking with security personnel at each of the venues. For specific information regarding carrying your gun in different states, visit the “Resources” section.

Amtrak Trains: In California, on and off duty officers may carry a gun aboard an Amtrak train for travel within the State of California. Nationwide, only active duty officers on official business may carry a weapon. Badge and credentials must be worn at all times and furnished upon request from Amtrak employees. Guns must be concealed at all times. Officers on vacation, or any unofficial business, may not carry a weapon abroad an Amtrak train that crosses state lines. Retired officers may not carry a gun aboard any Amtrak train throughout the system, including in California. Weapons may be transported unloaded, secured in a proper locked case, and checked similar to airline policies.

San Diego County Fair: Off-duty, qualified law enforcement officers or qualified retired law enforcement officers are allowed to carry concealed weapons into the fair. You must identify yourself to security at the entrance. Credentials will be verified by a sheriff’s deputy. Officers must sign a document attesting to their compliance with all pertinent state and federal laws and the policies and procedures of their individual employers; and, that they are not at the time of entry, nor will be while on the fairgrounds, under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating or hallucinatory drug.

Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure/DisneyWorld: Concealed weapons, even those carried by off-duty police officers, are not allowed in the parks. However, a customer service representative indicated that if an officer brings his or her weapon to one of the parks, you may ask to speak with a security officer and they will provide a safe storage place for your weapon while you are inside the parks.

Legoland California: Legoland has a policy that does not allow firearms in the park. Prior to entering the park, you may meet with guest services and they will arrange for you to meet with a security supervisor to place your weapon in a special safe while you spend time at the park.

Magic Mountain: Officers must be in uniform and on duty in order to carry a weapon at Magic Mountain. The park has metal detectors and bags are searched at the entrance. Lockers are provided for off-duty officers to store weapons during a visit to the park.

Knott’s Berry Farm: Off-duty and retired officers are allowed to have their weapons with them while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm; however, they may not ride many of the major roller coasters. If you plan on riding the roller coasters, leave your gun at home or take advantage of one of the provided gun lockers. Guns may not be placed in back packs or anywhere off person in order to ride an attraction. As you are processed through security entering the park, you should alert the security personnel that they you are an off-duty or retired officer, carrying a weapon. You may be asked to provide your license to carry the gun and your badge or credentials. Otherwise, you do not need to check in with security.

Universal Studios: While Universal Studios does not allow off-duty officers to bring their weapons into the park, you may go to the Sheriff’s Substation when you arrive at the park and they will provide you with a locker to store your weapon. You will be given the only key to the locker to keep and to retrieve your weapon at the end of the day. There are no exceptions

Sea World of California: You are permitted to bring your weapon into the park only if you have a picture ID that provides verification that you are an active peace officer. Simply showing your badge will not enable you to bring your weapon into the park; however, if you have your CCW credentials, you will be allowed in with your weapon.

San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park: Officers are allowed to carry their weapons while visiting either park; however, you must carry it concealed at all times. Check in at the security office immediately upon entering the park (it is located next to the entrance) to provide verification of your status as a law enforcement officer and inform security you have a gun. You must show your badge and identification.

Petco Park: The MLB has instituted a league-wide weapons ban at its stadiums.

  • Only uniformed and undercover personnel working the game or special event will be authorized to enter Petco Park armed with a firearm. This will be vetted by the SDPD.
  • Off-duty personnel who are actively on call for their employer should contact the police officer or security officer at the gate and discreetly identify themselves. Once their credentials have been vetted by a SDPD officer, their weapon can be checked at the Ballpark Security Command Center. The Security Command Center has limited gun locker availability on a first come, first served basis. As a contingency, the weapon may be checked at the Security Command Center for the game.
  • Uniformed personnel attending First Responder Nights are welcome to attend armed with their duty weapons. Special accommodations will be made for those who transition to plain clothes for the duration of the game.
  • Gun lockers at Petco Park are reserved for off-duty law enforcement personnel only.

Qualcomm Stadium: Off-duty law enforcement officials or persons that identify themselves as law enforcement officers not in uniform will be directed to the Security Office at Gate A. Concealed weapons are not allowed inside the stadium. Lockers may be provided.

Valley View Casino Center: Unless you are in uniform and working in a law enforcement capacity, no weapons are allowed.

Dodger & Angel Stadium: Unless you are in uniform and working in a law enforcement capacity at Dodger Stadium, no weapons are allowed.

Staple Center & The Pond: Neither the Staple Center in Los Angeles or the Pond in Anaheim allows weapons of any kind, nor are you allowed to bring in any kind of backpack or large bag. No off-duty weapons are allowed on site.