The DSA was founded on benevolence—kindness, goodness, goodwill, charity, altruism, humanitarianism, and compassion. But if we have not been called, we cannot help our members; please reach out to our office with any questions or needs.

RELIEF EXTENDS TO FAMILY CARE The DSA offers relief benefits when members are unable to work due to sickness or injury. The benefit also assists members who must take time off work to care for their immediate family, including adopted or foster children. Relief benefits entitle the member to receive biweekly payments of up to 75 percent of a top step deputy pay. If you find yourself unable to work, contact the DSA to see what your options are as soon as possible, so we can assist you and get your benefits started.
Work Related Injury For any work-related injury, contact the DSA for a referral to a Workers’ Comp Attorney. Workers’ compensation laws and procedures can be quite complex depending on the situation, so it is natural to have questions. It often helps to seek the advice of a skilled attorney at the start of your claim process rather than waiting until after a claim was denied.

BREAST CANCER PATCHES You may have all seen the breast cancer patches (If not, turn to page 14). Sheriff Gore asked the DSA to partner up and support breast cancer research as part of a statewide campaign. Yes, the patches and badges are pink, which make them an obvious statement in support of the department and community members who have been affected by breast cancer—many family members and friends that have survived, and sadly many who lost the battle. All the proceeds from the pink patches will go toward breast cancer research. The patches are available in the DSA Store. They are department approved for wear in October and are not mandatory, but we encourage you to support this great cause.

DSA STORE The DSA store continues to grow in order to offer our members the best service possible. We now have two full-time employees, and as most of you know, our new seamstress Emma works two days a week. This has been a hit with the members and we may add additional days as needed. Emma can also perform alterations for non-uniform members—suits, shirts, pants, etc.

PENSION REFORM We still have our eye on pension reform, which has been brewing for the past several years. We have not had to push any additional funds toward the opposition to the reform yet, but the DSA has a strong PAC and is ready if or when the time comes.

JOIN US AT WAVE WATERPARK Don’t miss out on our annual summer party at Vista Waterpark. Even if you are from South County, it’s worth the drive. The kids and families all have a blast and mom does not have to cook. We rent the entire water park for the evening, so you can skip the crowds. Instead of the usual 1,500 guests in the park at one time, we have less than half that. It’s a great time and I hope to see you there. Tickets are available online at

The DSA continues to work on behalf of you and your families. We are here for you, from our fun events to assistance when you need it most. Remember that we are here for our members, so let us know what we can do for you. 