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  • NalPak - 31267 Vernon Way, El Cajon - (619) 258-1200/888.488.3372

  • Evergreen Tree Specialist - (619) 850-9583
  • Mauzy Solar, Heating & Air - 619.583.9545
  • Perpetual Tree Care - (619) 596-0990

    • Faunce, Singer & Oatman, APC - 800.874.2284
    • Ron Hauser, Attorney - Living Trust, Divorce, Bankruptcy - (619) 206-3811
    • Donovan Jacobs, Attorney - Personal Injury, Civil Service 619.445.8650
    • Law Offices of Scott O’Mara - Work Comp, Retirement Law, Automobile Accidents 800-LAW-1199
    • Schroth, Schroth & Madigan - Criminal, Workplace, Injury & Death (619) 233-7521
    • Smith, Steiner, Vanderpool & Wax - Labor and employment, personal injury, worker's comp - (619) 239-7200

    • Diamonds Ltd. - 450 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 104, El Cajon. No Sales Tax for DSA Members

    • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) - (619) 829-1319

    Posted December 20, 2007

Dinner Dance

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Join us at the annual DSA Member Dinner Dance on March 3 in Downtown San Diego.

Dec ‘17

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached the end of the year and the holidays are in full swing. With the kids out of school and family arriving for holiday visits, this is a perfect time to reconnect with some old friends to share a few stories and lies. Don’t forget about our partners who will be working through the holidays and will not be with their families. Some of us remember many years of holidays full of B shifts and night shifts that came and went with the holidays. However you celebrate these holidays, we wish you safe travels, some relaxation, and good times.

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